BFN housing finance scheme is a pro-poor housing Initiative that leverages on the opportunities in the equity market to create a pool of equity based funds to enhance access to housing finance for the low-income in the informal sector using housing cooperative approach.BFN is designed to raise a pool of equity-based funds that will serve as a ‘lending basket’ to enhance access to suitable housing finance for the low income in the informal sector. It is pro-poor designed and self-funding; it does not require funding from the government or commercial private sector to operate. Rather, it leverages on the opportunities in the third sector to generate zero-cost equity funds, through a simple, effective and efficient process, taking maximum advantage of cooperate social responsibility (CSR), Overseas travel contribution (OTC) volunteerism, philanthropy, strategic alliances and voluntary international donor support. The generated ‘lending basket’ will be utilized through home microfinance (HMF) and a special purpose cooperative system to directly reach the poor and low-income earners in the informal sector, who constitute the largest percentage of those in critical housing need..


  •  It is run on a home microfinance-HMF
  •   It operates through housing cooperatives.
  •   It is a multi-party PPP approach.
  •   It focuses on the low-income earners and urban poor
  •   It is designed to serve the informal sector and provide affordable hostels for students in Public Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.


The key concerns and focus are the strategies and suitable funding source for the implementation of social housing for the poorest groups, the provision of decent and affordable hostel accommodation for indigent students in Nigeria tertiary institutions, and the implementation of integrated slum-upgrade programs in major Nigerian towns and cities with the hope of achieving a significant improvement in the living conditions and quality of life of the target groups in the country.


A pro-poor housing program for housing the low-income in the informal sector, the urban poor and affordable hostel for students at Nigeria tertiary Institutions.


Address: Head Office: C/O Committee of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities
No. 4 Parakou Street, Wuse II, Abuja Nigeria

Phone: (+234)-703-5963-222
Email: contact@buildfornigeria.org